Cost: $585 (early bird until 15th August)

$635 full fee

Bookings close : 3rd October

Dates and Times :

Friday 1st November 9-6pm

Saturday 2nd November : 9-5pm

Sunday 3rd November : 9-5pm

Location: Adelaide (venue TBC)

Please note: this is 22 hours face to face training. Any pre reading, homework or self directed learning is in addition to these hours.

There are only two main registration organisations for yoga in Australia.

One is Yoga Australia which currently has no speciality certification for prenatal yoga. The second is Yoga Alliance which has an 85 hour certification specialty for prenatal yoga.

This course will give you a 22 hour certification which can be used as CPD / CE points for each of these organisations.

 Bliss Baby Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - 22 hour module

This course has been designed as a prenatal yoga teacher training for qualified yoga teachers, trainee yoga teachers and health professionals (midwives, doulas, child birth educators, chiros, physios, naturopaths, TCM drs) caring for women during pregnancy as well as pregnant women with a consistent yoga practice wishing to deepen their understanding of yoga during this unique time in their lives. Yoga teachers and trainee yoga teachers will be able to upskill their current knowledge to safely guide a pregnant student who arrives in a general yoga class and modify accordingly. Health professionals will gain knowledge and confidence in teaching mind/body activities for wellbeing during pregnancy and you will be able to increase your offerings to this specialised group. At the completion of this course you will have an understanding of:


*Benefits of yoga for pregnancy and birth

*Safety Guidelines for pregnant students

*Modifying the postures for the various stages of pregnancy

*The three trimesters: overview of physiological changes for mum and baby

*Postural alignment for pregnancy*Working with props for pregnancy

*Restorative Yoga for pregnancy

*Sequencing and the 5 Prenatal Posture Groups and how to structure a class

*Yoga Nidra, meditation, breath work and visualisation for pregnancy

*Partner Yoga for pregnancy

*Benefits & applications of squatting and pelvic floor toning during pregnancy

*Special sequences for pregnancy*

Applied Anatomy for prenatal yoga: back or pelvic problems & other common complaints

*Overview of Stages of Labour and Birth

*Yogic tools for labour

*Active Birth and Yoga

We will explore creating a tribe and holding space for women to slow down and connect into their experience of pregnancy

***Please note that minimum numbers are required for this training to occur. Three weeks notice will be given in the event of a cancellation.