NEST BIRTH WORKSHOP - Body Mind Ready for Birth

A comprehensive 6 hour childbirth education program providing you and your support person with the mindset and tool kit for an empowered and informed journey from birth and labour into parenthood. This program has been designed to turn your anxiety of birth and fear of pain into a the positive birth experience you desire regardless of how you actually give birth.

As a chiropractor, yoga teacher and childbirth educator, my approach is to educate on the science of physiological birth and then support you with the techniques to create space for baby and comfort for mum with the art of yoga, meditation and breathing. Each couple partakes in this Body Mind Ready for Birth program - which is supported by an online program which you can review at home and practice the techniques together for the remainder of your pregnancy.

The course includes a private 60 minute consultation at the studio for each couple to review their birth plan or discuss any concerns they have leading into their birth. Alternatively this can be a 30 minute birth plan review and a 30 minute postnatal birth debrief (of course longer if required).

Location: Nest Yoga & Wellbeing Studio

Date: Saturday 30th November 9am - 4pm

Cost: $249

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